Question: What is holistic farming?

Answer: Holistic farming is sustainable and emphasizes happy animals. A happy animal is a stress-free animal, and a stress-free cow or chicken will produce better milk or eggs than a caged, distressed animal. Naturally, happy animals can also produce more volume than stressed animals.

Question: Are holistic farms concerned with product volume?

Answer: Although holistic farms still need to operate as businesses, they should not focus narrowly on volume. At Rahal Farms, which makes artisanal cheese, the focus is on finding animals that produce the best-tasting, most nutritious milk, which in turn makes for the best final product. The focus is not on finding cows that produce the highest volume of milk.

Question: Michael Rahal, in addition to the moral arguments, are there any practical arguments for holistic farming?

Answer: Absolutely. The smallest egg from Rahal Farms is more nutritious than the largest jumbo egg at a typical grocery store. Furthermore, free-range eggs typically make a cake rise a quarter of an inch higher than it would with eggs from caged animals.